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2013-07-22 escape connected flight Lufthansa

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we used Lufthansa plane from JFK to Frankfurt but our flight was connected to İstanbul. I and my 2 doughters ( one of them 10 and the other is 18 years old, ) my 2 friends and other 2 people. firstly we had to wait at least 2 hours in the plane in NY after that when we landed to Frankfurt we didin't catch the İstanbul flight . ( Actuallay it is normal and understandable when we were waiting in NY. )
Lufthanse customer service said to us ( We were 7 people ) there were no available flight to İstanbul till 21.40 . Because all the flights were full and no empty . We have to wait 6 hours at the airport and my doughter are small and I have to go to İstanbul because we have got a ferry ticket from İstanbul to Bursa and we didn't use them
I have to turn back my job immediately. so my husband take the car and pay the new car's ferry ticket and it was totally high cost .we didn't sleep on the plane and I said to customer service we are very tired and if we have to wait here we need to rest but he said sorry I can't do anything for you, just he gave to us 10 $ for each people. It was not good we were very tired , we didn't sleep 2 nights.
IF our flight was conected and if we have to wait 2 hours in the plane why noboday change our flight with next flight to İstanbul why we have to wait sleepless .
when I turn back to TR my doughters get sick, I and my friends didn't go to job.
When I applied to travel agency they said you have to apply to Lufthansa but your service didn't do anything in Frankfurt and you are thinking just 10 $ can helpful to us.
I am waiting your comment and I hope you will provide our damage.
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